LED Lighting is a device that emits light when the electric current is passed through it. As the technology has advanced we today have LED’s which can produce lights in many colors. These lights are composed of synthetic material. Older version was not able to produce lights in different colors; it only used to come with green or red color. These consists of P type semiconductors and N type Semiconductors. Direct connection of these creates a region called P-N Junction.

The photons are released when a diode connects with an electrical current activating the electrons which are present in the diode. The photons which are set free are what we see as light. CFL bulbs emits light as a result of being heated, on the other hand these are more productive and efficient which turns energy into light resulting in minimization of energy radiations as heat. Because of this reason, they are cooler than the CFL bulbs. Advancement and cheaper rates has made it more popular in the fields. It consists of a plastic body which is wrapped into the leads, making the light emit through the plastic bulb. Mostly, these are found in round shape which focuses at one direction only.


-LED Light Strips – These are very easy to install and flexible. It is best suited for business and home decorations. It has high level of brightness with wide angle chip.

-LED Panel Light – These are another type, which are best suited for restaurants, shops, exhibitions or showrooms.

-LED Candles – These are very useful as it has no flames, which makes them very safe. It creates no mess unlike the ordinary candles. It has on/off switch and has a silicon flame attached to it.


-Long Lasting: It has life expectancy up to 11 years with continuous usage or 22 years with half percent usage. Leaving it switched on for 8 hours every day, would take 20 years for you to replace it with the new one bulb. It has different properties than a standard light would have like unlike a standard light, it does not burn out and stop working.

-Environment Friendly: These are absolutely toxic free and recyclable. As these have long life it can help save the materials and productions as compared to the other standard light bulbs. It helps create a world a better place to live by being eco friendly and having a greener future.

-Design Flexibility: The best quality is that, it can blend into different shapes. Good designed lights can have great effects of lighting which are good for mind and mood. These are used in different places like airplanes, exhibitions, classrooms etc. -Low Voltage: It uses very low voltage which makes it popular with the customers. By using it in outdoor, it connects to the solar energy source, which is very useful for the rural areas. It is again another great advantage of it.

-Temperature Friendly: These lights can work under both the temperatures perfectly. Whether it is cold temperature or very hot one; unlike other light bulbs temperature is not a problem for them. Other bulbs are affected by low temperatures. These can easily be placed out doors or indoors with any kind of temperature; such as, freezer rooms or kitchen rooms.

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