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What We Do

One simple aim

With over 100 million products sold through thousands of retailers and resellers in the last few years, a lot of progress has been made since OSLEDER started in 2007, with a simple aim of bringing the latest high quality technology products to market at competitive prices. The chances are, you are already using an Osleder product at your home or work.

Low cost LED light everywhere

OSLEDER Lighting is delivering the same simple aim. Our product managers take great care in developing the right LED products for the right application in terms of quality, function and reliability. Technicians at our in-house Light Lab work hard to thoroughly check performance data. Our mission is to have a suitable low-energy LED product wherever there is a need for light.

Fast delivery and support

We deliver a great range of LED high bay lights, tri-proof lights, panel lights, floodlights and street lights to wholesalers, distributors and major retailers through our sales team; all fully supported up to the end-user by phone, email and via our mobile ready website optimised for computers, smartphones and tablets.

Helping everyone to get the best out of LED

Our LED team can also provide advice and pre-sales support to home-owners, installers, facilities mangers and architects on how they can get the best value from LED as a retrofit or in a new installation.

An investment that keeps on giving

We hope you have found this website useful in helping to select the right LED product for your needs. By choosing OSLEDER Lighting you can rest assured that you are buying a quality product at a fair price; that has a warranty, tech support and saves money too. When compared to conventional filament and halogen lamps, the payback with LED can be less than a year with 85% less electricity usage, also LED lamps can last more than 20 times longer. A win-win solution for you and the environment.

Do you want to catch the booming business chance of the LED Lighting?

Are you searching for a supplier offering high quality LED Lighting Products?

Osleder Lighting is a leading LED light manufacturer wholesale quality lighting products such as soalr LED street light, LED street Light, LED flood Light, LED high bay lighting, LED panel lighting, LED tri-proof lighting, LED bulb, LED tube etc.

Located in China, we offer many additional convenient services, all of which cannot be easily provided by other suppliers.

Our high quality services always beyond your expectations, 100% promise! 

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