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Lighting Applications Suggestions

Here we discuss some applications that seem to appear on a daily basis. We cover some lighting products that are suggested for the application and usual solutions for common lighting problems. Please feel free to click on the application that best describes your lighting problem below. Please click on the links in the article to see products that best fit that lighting application solution

  • Warehouse lighting
  • Machine shop lighting
  • Convenience store lighting
  • Gym lighting
  • Office lighting
  • Indoor riding arena
  • Outdoor riding arena
  • Home garage lighting
  • Auto repair center lighting
  • Department store lighting
  • Fabrication shop lighting
  • Welding shop lighting
  • Body shop lighting
  • Cooler lighting
  • Freezer lighting
  • Gas station canopy lighting
  • Parking lot lighting
  • Commercial parking garage lighting
  • Barn lighting
  • Restaurant
  • Industrial kitchen lighting
  • Bakery lighting
  • Building Parimeter lighting