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Warranty Policy

This documentation declares the warranty of all Osleder’s LED products that marked   with the brand of “Osledre” and produced by Osleder Lighting, excludes the products made by third-party supplier but sold by Osleder Lighting, it’s validated applied between Osleder and contracted customers who established the business agreement with Osleder.

Warranty conditions and terms

  • Within 6 months effective from the date of products ex-factory, Osleder guarantee to replace any defective

products against verified samples or Osleder’s product specification due to quality and workmanship issues

with qualified products free of charge.

  •  If a product failed due to defects in material quality or workmanship within the indicated period of three

(5) years,Osleder will repair the defective product free of charge, if the product is irreparable, Osleder

will provide an equal or superior replacement.

  •  Osleder will charge to repair for any defective products for quality issues and malfunction when

warranty period expires.

  • Customers have to return defective products to Osleder factory to check for replacement and repairing

confirmation,  Osleder will provide an extra 6 months warranty for these returns.

  • Osleder takes the rights of repair and replace the defective products with updated components in case of

previous products has been upgraded.

  •  In case of the products is out of the warranty period, Osleder reserves the right to rejects to repair the

products when there are no spare parts or the products damage badly.

  • Osleder reserve the rights of changing the product performance and specification without prior notice.

Method and charge

  • Any defective products have to be returned to Osleder factory to manage for replacement and repair

since Osleder don’t provide on-site service for foreign customers.

  • The cost of repairing and shipping defective products are charged to Osleder for mentioned above

item of A(1). The Customer need to pay the charge of shipping the defective products back to Osleder

factory and the cost of de-installation and installation products, also Osleder pay the shipping charge

of return well-repaired products to customer address for mentioned above item of A(2).

  • Within limits of the maximum range of Chinese business law, Osleder don’t take any responsibility of

loses of prospective trading profit, expected advantage gets down, and any failures or damage caused

when use the products, hereby even this happened with Osleder ’ products and third-parties

material-supplier,Osleder compensates for direct loses but the maximum of the compensated

amount don’t be more than the cost that customer has paid to Osleder for the products no matter

how much the loses could be.

  • Customer have to pay for the margin cost caused by any parts or components has been end of line

or product  upgrade when repair the defects. Also have to pay all for the repair cost of defective product

which expire the  warranty.

Exclusions, this warranty does not cover the following

  • Improper use of the application not in accordance with instructions provided with the products caused

the damages or defects of products or parts.

  • Improper installation, de-installation and modification by an unauthorized service person caused the

damages and  defects of products or parts.

  • Improper input voltage and current connection made by personal or carelessness caused the

damages and defects  of products or parts.

  • The damages and defects caused by nature calamity (acts of God) as earth quake, fire ruin

and war.etc which can’t  be controlled by neither Osleder Lighting nor customers .

  • The damages and defects caused by transporter when defective products return to Osleder Lighting.