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Solar Battery System

  Solar power storage batteries refer to devices which store the energy generated from the solar panels for later use. The solar batteries ensure that you can continue to enjoy solar power even after sundown, during a power outage or the energy demand peaks. The best solar battery pack used for solar energy generally have the characteristics of maintenance-free, deep cycle, and long service life. There are two main types of batteries currently used in the solar field, lead-acid(AGM batteries or GEL batteries), and lithium batteries. These batteries can be used in residential properties, as well as in commercial buildings.

Solar LifePo4 Lithium Battery

Solar Lead-acid Battery

What is a solar battery?

  A solar battery is an energy storage option for those with solar panel systems. With the increased use of solar power, solar batteries are more popular with homeowners who want to offset electricity costs and those living or camping off-grid.

  Solar generators and portable solar chargers are types of solar battery storage systems. While solar generators are typically affixed to their location — usually houses, campers or boats — a portable solar charger is a smaller, often hand-held device typically used to charge phones or other electronics. Some solar generators are available as all-in-one kits, but you can buy components separately as well.

Solar Batteries Price List

Advantages of A Solar Battery

  1. Battery Backup In Case of A Blackout.

  2. Increased Self-Reliance On Your Solar System.

  3. Load shifting For Commercial Energy Storage.

  4.  Save More on Your Energy Bills By Storing the Power.

  5. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint.

  6. Energy Trading or VPP Programs.

  7. Become Part of the Smart Grid Revolution.

  8. Become Energy Independent.

Why Should Your Consider a Solar Battery?

  Solar batteries are an energy-efficient way to generate backup power. However, for those who just want to go off the grid, diesel generators might be cheaper in the short term. Solar batteries make a lot of sense if you live in an area where utilities are unreliable or if you want to go off the grid while using renewable energy. Solar batteries store excess energy produced by your solar energy system so that you can tap into it whenever your panels don’t produce enough electricity.

SolaLithium/Lead-acid Battery FAQs

Q1. How many solar batteries are needed to power a house?

A1. Most homeowners need between two and five solar batteries to effectively power a house. Depending on your energy needs, you can connect several batteries in a series or parallel battery bank with interconnecting cables. Solar batteries are stackable, meaning that you can install multiple batteries with your solar storage system to reach the right capacity for you.

Q2. Why are solar batteries so expensive?

A2. Solar panels are expensive because of the materials required to produce them. Prices are expected to drop as solar technology advances.

Q3. How long do solar batteries last?

A3. Generally, fully charged solar batteries should power your home for 12 to 24 hours. Variables like your household energy consumption, the capacity of your batteries and whether you’re connected to an electrical grid determine exactly how your long solar batteries last. A solar battery’s lifespan can be anywhere between five and 15 years. You can extend a battery’s life with proper maintenance and by protecting it from extreme temperatures.

Q4. What is a battery bank?

A4. A battery bank is a collection of batteries that are connected. A battery bank allows for more power storage than you get from a single battery.

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