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Power wall 24v / 25.6V Solar LifePo4 lithium battery

Power wall 24v / 25.6V Solar LifePo4 lithium battery

24V Lithium ion battery have 2 types of products, 24V 200Ah Lithium ion batteries and 24V 100Ah Lithium batteries, the operating voltage range is from 20V to 29.2V and the normal voltage is 25.6V.

25.6V Li ion battery includes smart BMS with max 100A continuous operating current at RT and smart protection functions.

LifePO4 battery with grade A deep cycle cells that improved the 24V batteries’ cycle life and the electrochemical performances.

Nominal Capacity (Ah): 100ah and 200ah
Nominal Voltage (V): 25.6
Charge Voltage (V): 29.2
Discharge Cut-off Voltage (V): 20
Max.Continuous Charging Current (A): 100
Cycle Life: ≥6000 times@80%DOD, 25°C
Communication Mode: RS485/CAN
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Ease of installation was a key factor when I chose a supplier for our LED light installation. Osleder didn’t disappoint on this. Performance of the lights greatly outshone every expectation that I had, even at a 20% dimmed level activated by the sensors we requested. I would certainly have Osleder as a front-runner for any future LED projects on our sites.
Scott Thomas, Solar LED Lighting
Osleder Lighting delivered a reduction in our energy costs of 78% and the installation looks outstanding. The lighting really is great and I am really pleased with the whole job from start to finish.
Danny Martinez, DH&S Pty Ltd

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