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Solar Power System

The basic principle of a solar electric battery charging system is to convert the sun’s radiant energy to electrical energy and provide electrical energy to the loads by sizing the solar panel system. Solar power lighting systems are currently mainly divided into off-grid systems and on-grid systems, household relatively low-power systems, and commercial/industrial high-power systems.We’ve got everything you would buy to get your solar power system running, including solar inverters and electrical supplies like charge controllers, generators, solar batteries, and more. As a professional solar system company, Osleder offers the best solar power systems for sale at competitive prices.

Maintenance Free, One-time Invest, Long-time Payback.

No need to connect any battery, using directly.

All-in-One Solar Energy Storage System for Home Use.

Reduces system maintenance and increases battery lifetime, Auto charged indication, Reliability is high.

Monitor and Troubleshoot with USB/RS232, WIFI communication.

Transformation efficiency up to 21%, 25 years warranty.

Anti-corrosion, service life up to 5 years, large capacity.

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