Today we live in a world that is dependent on various energy sources for its survival. The biggest source of them being electricity. Though we have invented multiple methods to produce electricity, but very few of those methods would helps us in the long run.

Most of the electricity in the world is generated by thermal power where coal or other carbons are burnt to produce heat which boils the water and the steam from the water runs the generators which produce electricity. The other sources are Nuclear Power, Hydel power, Wind energy and solar Energy.

Alternate Sources Of Energy

World over scientists are trying to find out new and clean methods to produce electricity but have not been successful at a large scale as there are problems related to the cost of implementation and setting up of those methods and techniques.

Energy Sources like Biomass Plants which use manure and natural waste is a feasible solution but has some constraints over its usage at mass level. Similarly, solar energy is the best way to produce clean energy but the cost of the solar panels and all the other equipments required to setup the system is still not satisfactorily low.

Simultaneously, the scientists have also been working on new technologies which can reduce electricity consumption and last for longer periods. One such great invention is the LED lights which consume less energy and produce more light than an average light.Professional LED Light Manufacturer

Benefits Of LED Lights

These lights are getting huge demands from big industries, households and all other sorts of fields just because of the following benefits they give:

Longevity: the diodes in the bulbs of LED Lights have the capacity of working for upto 100 hours. This makes the life of the bulb upto 11 years with continuous illumination and about double if used for less hours or half the time.

More Energy Efficient: LED bulbs are 80-90% efficient than conventional bulbs. These bulbs convert most of the electricity into light as a result less heat is produced. These bulbs are really helpful in reducing global warming as there is a very minimal amount of heat that they produce in comparison to other kinds of bulbs.

Persistent in Quality: these bulbs are made of durable material which can withstand jerks and impacts and also stand the nature’s test.

Low Electricity Consumption: for emitting the light LED bulbs are not dependent on a particular voltage level of electricity supply as they can function at their best ability at lower voltage levels also; reducing your electricity bill.

Zero Emissions of Ultra Violet Rays: this is a very good alternative to bulbs used in Museums and art galleries as these areas are very sensitive to ultra violet radiations which can affect the artifacts.

Functional Every Climatic Conditions And Temperatures: the climatic conditions does not affect these bulbs as they can function in extremely hot and cold temperatures without getting fussed.

Sleeky Designs: these bulbs are designed in various shapes and sizes which makes them look very contemporary kind and hence enhance the look of the place where they are installed.

These bulbs are easily available at any electrical store in different sizes and powers at the most affordable prices. Most of the households have these bulbs installed because of their low energy consumption, high durability and longer life. These bulbs have revolutionized the way we illuminated hour houses and workplaces.

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