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Manufacturer Supply 98% Efficiency 12V/24V/36v/48v Auto DC Input MPPT Solar Charge Controller Parameter Adjustable LCD Display Solar Panel Regulator fit for Gel Sealed Flooded and Lithium Battery

The OSLEDER OS-MPL Series Charge Controller is suitable for various off-grid solar applications. It protects the battery from becoming over-charged by the solar modules and over-discharged by the loads. The OS-MPL’s charging process has been optimized to extend battery life and improve system performance. It includes a 4-stage battery charging algorithm for rapid, efficient, and safe charging. The OS-MPL is the perfect addition to just about any solar power system, as it allows the system to function without wasted energy.

  • 【High Charging Efficiency】Maximum Power Point Tracking technology with a high tracking efficiency of up to 99% and peak conversion efficiency of 98%. It is the best charging solution even in cloudy environments where the max power point of the solar panels will fluctuate all day.
  • 【Automatically Detect】Automatically detects 12V/24V/36V/48V DC system voltages (for Non-Lithium battery types), and the LCD screen and multiple LED indicators display the solar charging and battery operation information, customizable parameters, and error codes.
  • 【Full System Protection】Meant to safeguard your system, the self-diagnostic capability can assess and protect against reverse polarity, battery overcharging, battery over-discharging, overload, short-circuiting, and reverse current.
  • 【4-Stage Safely Charging】Features 4-stage charging (Bulk, Absorption, Float, and Equalization) of Lead Acid Batteries and 2-stage charging (Bulk and Absorption) for Lithiuim batteries as well as Lithium Reactivation.
  • 【Diverse Load Control】 Connect DC appliances directly to the optional Load Terminals and monitor consumption or set up timer controls directly from the controller.
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