Through the years outdoor LED lighting has steadily gained popularity due to their benefits that anybody who has heard of them will surely consider changing their old light bulbs with this new one. Whatever your outdoor lighting needs, whether security or ambient, outdoor LED lighting always has something to offer to make your outdoor space well lit during the night.

As mentioned above there are many benefits to using LED for your lights whether indoors or outdoors and one of those benefits is decreased energy consumption owing to their low energy demand, which leads to another benefit that is it is environment friendly. That means you are able to save on your electricity bills while at the same time take part in global efforts to stop climate change.

Now that you have known the benefits you probably want to head down to your local hardware and purchase such type of lights. But, before you do that you should have with you important information about outdoor LED lighting so you can get the most out of this relatively new lighting technology.

Your outdoor space does not only include your patio or deck, it also includes your lawn area and the perimeter of your property, thus there is a need to plan where lighting is needed so you can strategically place your LED lights where they will provide the most illumination. If you want to light up a bigger area using light post then you should be aware that the best height to achieve this effect is at 8 to 10 feet from the ground.

It is also a must to identify the areas where you will be using the lights because for every part of your outdoor living space there is an appropriate outdoor LED light fixtures for that. For your patio or deck lighting needs look for the LED lights labeled for that specific area, this way you will not end up with a lighting that is dimmer or lighter than what is needed.

For accent lighting you can opt for LED spotlight for this purpose and for landmarks in your yard like a grotto, flower garden and the like you can use opt for those smaller globe lights or rope lights. Since their purpose is not really to brightly illuminate the area but to only to accessories you only need a bit of gentle glow enough to mark that area during the night.

String lights are useful during various occasions to set a festive mood and when using this kind of light one thing that you should never do is to mix using LED lighting with the traditional lights, otherwise you are risking catching fire to your lights. Instead always stick to the package instruction on how you should use your string lights.

Not all LED lights are suitable for outdoor use, thus when you do your purchase make sure that it is appropriately labeled for use in outdoor LED lighting and if you have bought something for indoor use then never attempt to use it outdoors thinking that you will be able to save what you have spent. And to make sure about the LED light’s quality, buy those brands whose reputation you trust.

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